Home Weather Stations

Owning a Home Weather Station can be a very rewarding and lifesaving experience. With the combination of being able to track local temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, and having a good weather radio on hand you can be prepared for any day by day weather situation that may arise.

We carry only the highest quality traditional and Wireless Weather Stations, Anemometers, Thermometers, Weather Radios, Atomic Clocks, Alarm Clocks, Weather Vanes, and more.

The installation of your Home Weather Station is a breeze. In most cases your externally mounted hardware is secured with a screw to an outer wall, tree, or in the case of a combo unit with an anemometer (wind speed measurement instrument) you may need a ladder to climb to your roof for proper installation. If you are uncomfortable doing a roof installation there are normally a wide selection of contractors available in your area to complete this task.

Most Home Weather Station instruments that we offer run on batteries so you can rely on your equipment operating correctly during severe weather conditions when A/C power can be very unreliable. Several of our units run on both AC (wall power) and DC (battery power) for ease of use.

We carry the very best in Emergency Weather Radios. Weather Radios receive constant information from the US Department of Commerce and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA, Also known as the National Weather Service). These constant broadcasts provide up to the minute information in both good weather conditions and the very worst of conditions. Providing you with an instant feed of lifesaving information so you know when it’s time to get inside and in the basement, and when it is safe to come out again.

We also carry Atomic Clocks. These clocks keep accurate time every day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by receiving a constant high frequency radio based broadcast.

We also carry other weather related products to make your life easier and provide you with peace of mind during severe outbreaks, or even if you just want to check the barometric pressure to see if the fish are biting!